1. Deposits are only refundable in full on the condition that teams honour all fixtures.


2. Teams and individuals take part at their own risk and no liability for injury or death, other than that caused by negligence, is accepted. Individuals should arrange their own medical or other insurance policy where appropriate.


3. We reserve the right to exclude any player, team or organisation from any event, league or match.


4. By entering an event, league or match individuals and team accept responsibility to read the rules as distributed and abide by them.


5. Individuals and teams further accept that by agreeing to take part in such an event they enter into a contractual agreement to pay the agreed fee for the event, whether or not they in fact take part.


6. Teams and Individuals should be aware that in the event of an early withdrawal or expulsion from a league, no refunds will be given.


7. The league reserve no responsibility for failed video equipment resulting in aspects of the league not being fulfilled i.e. a matches highlights not being released due to corrupt footage. (We aim for every single match to be provided with full highlights including commentary but in some cases, equipment failure can cause these not to be available.)